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Straight from the Heart of Shekhar Kumar - a CrossFit Agni Athlete 


I always found gyms to be intimidating; I would rather stare at the abyss than go to a gym. My occasional visits to the gym were only good enough for poor self-justification.


In 2017, one of my friends invited me to join a CrossFit box called Crossfit Agni. The support and encouragement I received from the CrossFit community at my box has changed my perception about multiple facets of life.


From the first day at CrossFit Agni, everyone I met there from a body builder to a 65 years old granny, was genuinely welcoming. Moreover, each individual was willing to believe in my ability to become a fitter person even if sometimes I myself doubted it. I could feed off the energy of my peers whenever I felt down. There were multiple sessions where people left their routine and came to do countdowns for me and pushed to complete my reps. 

The willingness of the community to invest in me inspired me to give my best. In two month's time I was addicted, I could not wait to go to the box.  In coming month's I imbibed the values of the CrossFit community and learned to invest in others and guide them through the challenges that I had gone through.  


My experience with CrossFit community has taught me lessons that extend much beyond the box. It has shown me the values that make a community encouraging versus intimidating. The support and belief of the peers in the community can completely transform how an individual looks at challenges. I have taken these concepts and tried to implement them at my work place too. Once people experience the benefits of investing in the community, it becomes a self-sustained process; When  people are willing to help, each individual becomes a school in himself.